Planning Considerations

Two other primary concerns involve water and foot traffic. Needless to say, a garden will struggle if there is a constant run of traffic through it. As well, kids and animals can often discover great hiding places as the garden develops. Cats and dogs and those irrepressible children and their need for secrecy can ruin a garden pretty quickly and at the most vital, food- or blossom-bearing times. Make sure this little possible problem is addressed early.

Along these lines it might be advisable to think of some sort of protective fencing. To a degree, these can keep the kids out and demarcate a specific territory for the gardener. The advent of the White Picket Fence, for example, an icon in middle class America and absolutely required in Colonial America refers to exactly this factor. And any temporary fencing can serve the need. Many people erect a fence in the Spring around a garden, of removable material, then take it down in Winter. It can also serve to keep varmints away too. These guys are a pain. Raccoons, squirrels, moles and all sorts of critters are garden enemies. I tell you, it’s a war out there!

Now watering is a subject darn near all its own. Naturally, as a professional, I advocate some sort of timed irrigation system. These are surprisingly not that expensive but they do cost a bit and they require some work installing. The primary benefit of automatic watering is how it lets the gardener relax. The other and perhaps MOST primary reason to have an irrigation arrangement is so that you can travel knowing your garden is well taken care of. In other cases, especially if you produce cactus seeds for sale, you don’t need a lot of water resources.

Having said all that, this sort of thing might be considered excessive to a new gardener. The fact is, it is. Most gardeners have no problem whatsoever hanging out and watering their gardens. For many it is the refreshing point of the day – a way to get away and slowly assess things like growth, potential problems and just to meditate as one feeds their plants this vital, life-giving liquid energy. Watering the garden, for many, is a highlight and not an impediment. If this is you, then by all means keep it that way! Just make sure you have hoses handy and perhaps some form of sprinkler. Bear in mind, as well, the hoses won’t want to be dragged over the tops of your plants.

So these are your planning duties. Choose your design along the lines of your goals. What is the purpose of the garden? Look at plants in the library or online and consult as to what to expect in terms of growth. Do you have water available? How much traffic is possible and what of pet damage, critters and the likes? Once you arrive at your goals, you are ready to roll. Remember: good planning is crucial but bad planning does not mean failure. Heck, it’s fun any way you slice it! Bon chance!

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